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Solutions for Industrial Automation Solutions for Industrial Automation
Devices for small parts handling / orientating Devices for small parts handling / orientating
Vibration Technological Devices Vibration Technological Devices
Vibration technological solutions
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Truck Vibrators

Truck Vibrators

High Frequency Vibrators for Trucks SMT 24 especially for Heavy Duty.
Also other types of 24 VDC and 12 VDC available.

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Large selection of vibrators

Truck vibrators Truck vibrators
pneumatic vibrators Pneumatic vibrators
Electric vibrators Electric vibrators
Concrete vibrators Concrete vibrators

Vibration technological applications

Erka is specialized in designing and manufacturing equipment and machines based on vibration technology. We supply industry with solutions to fluent and effective production.

Solutions for industrial automation

We design our products based on customer-needs such as devices for assembly, cap setting machines, feeding devices, dosing devices, feeding with counter, feeding with weight control, nozzle setting equipments

Devices for small parts handling / orientating

We design and manufacture devices for feeding, moving, orientating and handling of small parts besed on vibration technology. Also conveyors, tables and screens for sand, concrete and powder. For instance: bowl feeders, linear feeders, orientating tools, pick up positions, vibrating troughs, vibrating tables, vibrating screens.

Vibration Technology Devices

Most of devices are taylor-made on behalf of our customers. We supply clients with e.g. vibratory trough conveyors, vibratory tube conveyors, pre-feeders, vibratory dosing devices, vibratory tables, vibratory screens.

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Solutions for Industrial Automation

Devices for small parts handling / orientating

Vibration Technology Devices

Vibration Technology Devices


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